One year

We left home a year ago. We sold most of our possessions, donated hundreds of books, and stored what we had left in the corner of my mom’s basement. On the day we were supposed to leave, our alternator died. Then the clutch cable snapped. After making the repairs with significant help from our mostContinue reading “One year”

Virginia in review

Virginia is for lovers, which made it perfect for us. Miracle and I have made many trips to Virginia over the past three years—most of them to see our buddy, Dustin, at his family’s mountain home. 

Happy Thanksgiving

A few years ago, my buddy, Dustin, invited me down to his family’s mountain home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It gave me a weekend to think things through and then make some major life changes. I’m always glad to come back to the mountain home and I’m thankful to have the friends I haveContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”