One year

We left home a year ago. We sold most of our possessions, donated hundreds of books, and stored what we had left in the corner of my mom’s basement. On the day we were supposed to leave, our alternator died. Then the clutch cable snapped. After making the repairs with significant help from our mostContinue reading “One year”

The Forgotten Coast

Head north and west from just about all of Florida and you’ll find our favorite region in the Sunshine State—the Forgotten Coast. Last time I posted, we had visited Cedar Key—a cool, laid-back town with plenty of places to relax. Well, we moved a little farther up the coast, around the bend and into theContinue reading “The Forgotten Coast”

North Carolina in review

The wild and winding roads of western North Carolina zigzagged us across the parkway and into Tennessee (but more on Tennessee when we give it the full treatment in a couple months) and then into the more central part of the state where we stayed on Lake Norman. It’s been an incredible week and hereContinue reading “North Carolina in review”