One year

We left home a year ago. We sold most of our possessions, donated hundreds of books, and stored what we had left in the corner of my mom’s basement. On the day we were supposed to leave, our alternator died. Then the clutch cable snapped. After making the repairs with significant help from our mostContinue reading “One year”

Etta and Escalante

I’ve lamented the development of Moab (as have many of the locals) and I wasn’t sure if I could find anything that struck that chord inside of me like that land of stacked and arched rocks did when I was in my early twenties. Then we traveled through south central Utah and saw the smallContinue reading “Etta and Escalante”

Colorado in review

Granted, I have been to Colorado before, but in recent years my forays into the state have been to run Pikes Peak and return home sore and sunburnt. I have neglected the lower part of the state, which is beautiful. Even though we only spent about a week there (it’s insanely expensive on the whole),Continue reading “Colorado in review”

Texas Wine Trail

You know about California wines. Everyone knows about California wines and the madness that is Napa (for once not the auto parts store—which is also madness). New York and Washington wines have their claims to fame as well. Let’s not forget some of the best wine we’ve ever had in Michigan too. But did youContinue reading “Texas Wine Trail”

Missouri in review

Way back in the early days of our trip, we stayed in Lubec, Maine. We met a mother and son there who were visiting from St. Louis. They invited us to visit them when we passed through Missouri. Well, after our month of detours and alternate plans, we had the chance to pass through TheContinue reading “Missouri in review”


North Carolina wins the prize for most dog-friendly state thus far. Not only are dogs allowed in regular stores where it shouldn’t be an issue (like hardware stores, auto parts stores, etc.), dogs are allowed in some bars. Dogs are a part of the family here. Campgrounds haven’t uncharged us for having a dog. DogsContinue reading “Dog-friendly!”

Virginia in review

Virginia is for lovers, which made it perfect for us. Miracle and I have made many trips to Virginia over the past three years—most of them to see our buddy, Dustin, at his family’s mountain home. 

The Toader

I’ve visited my buddy, Dustin, and his family at their mountain home many times over the past few years. This time though, we were there specifically for the annual post-Thanksgiving run held at Blue Toad Cidery in Roseland, VA, the Toader—a 1.51 km race that begins with drinking a hard cider, continues on to aContinue reading “The Toader”

Cider Boys

After we left our friends at Happy Productions in Minnesota we realized we had a gap in our schedule just big enough to fit in a quick tour of Stephens Point Brewing—the home of Cider Boys. I’ve wanted to visit this operation for a while because they have an impressive slate of ciders that rotateContinue reading “Cider Boys”

Quebec in review

Maybe it’s the time of year or the signs written in French, the slopes of fall color, but Quebec reminds me so much of Switzerland. We crossed into Canada and saw mountains of gold and red and all shades in between that rolled on forever—farther than any mountains I have ever seen. It’s simply gorgeousContinue reading “Quebec in review”