Cider Boys

After we left our friends at Happy Productions in Minnesota we realized we had a gap in our schedule just big enough to fit in a quick tour of Stephens Point Brewing—the home of Cider Boys. I’ve wanted to visit this operation for a while because they have an impressive slate of ciders that rotate regularly. Plus, they are not afraid to be bold. (Don’t get me started about their limited release of Lemon Cello cider, which was pitch perfect and a wonderful mixer for a summer cocktail…) We scheduled a tour with Melissa, the Hospitality Manager, of the courtyard—where the cider is actually made. It’s an impressive operation with two story-tall tanks that ferment their cider (available in 30 states!). They also have a line of soda and plenty of beer being brewed under the same roof. 

I got to try their newest cider, Grape Stomp, and it’s very grapey—sort of akin to the grape popsicles you had as a kid. And let me tell you, these bottles go down easy, so make sure you’re parked for the night when you crack one open. Thank you, Cider Boys, for letting us stop by!

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