Quebec in review

This view Miracle says reminds her of Montreux, Switzerland.

Maybe it’s the time of year or the signs written in French, the slopes of fall color, but Quebec reminds me so much of Switzerland. We crossed into Canada and saw mountains of gold and red and all shades in between that rolled on forever—farther than any mountains I have ever seen. It’s simply gorgeous here. 

Our host here in Quebec, Nellie, has been exceptionally kind and fun. We talked late into the night and interviewed her for Season Four of the podcast. She owns a Vanaroo that, as of last year, is a blossoming flower business. We loved being here so much we extended our stay by another day, which gave us time to try some local poutine made with boar and fresh curds. We also hit the cider trail. Even though it doesn’t quite measure up to our favorite string of cideries in Virginia, it is well worth visiting. We especially liked Black Creek Cider. They serve up exceptional dry ciders that sound like they should be sweet, but manage to hew closer to a traditional champagne style. 

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