Podcast: Brad and Susie

Happy Valentine’s Day! We were traveling through Canada when we were able to catch up with Susan and her husband, Brad, as well as their dinner guest, Linda, at their cottage on the shores of Lake Pemichangan in Quebec. We spent the day doing a little work on their Eurovan and ended the day sittingContinue reading “Podcast: Brad and Susie”

Podcast: Nellie

While in Quebec, Canada, we met a woman named Nellie Surprenant who owns a pale blue Vanagon. While life, relationships, and even the van’s name have changed over time, her love for the VW has remained steady. Oh, and she grows some pretty amazing flowers. Visit her website here: https://www.capucinevoisine.com/

Ontario and Quebec

It’s been a lot of driving and a lot of sightseeing and a lot of meeting people over the past week. We had a magical stay north of Gatineau with some new VW acquaintances, Brad and Susan. They shared their lake home (and their red wine) with us. The fall colors were amazing. Then weContinue reading “Ontario and Quebec”

Quebec in review

Maybe it’s the time of year or the signs written in French, the slopes of fall color, but Quebec reminds me so much of Switzerland. We crossed into Canada and saw mountains of gold and red and all shades in between that rolled on forever—farther than any mountains I have ever seen. It’s simply gorgeousContinue reading “Quebec in review”