The Toader

I’ve visited my buddy, Dustin, and his family at their mountain home many times over the past few years. This time though, we were there specifically for the annual post-Thanksgiving run held at Blue Toad Cidery in Roseland, VA, the Toader—a 1.51 km race that begins with drinking a hard cider, continues on to aContinue reading “The Toader”

Great Lakes Writers’ Festival

It’s been an eventful last few days. This past week I had the pleasure of being a featured writer for the Great Lakes Writers’ Festival at Lakeland University in Wisconsin. For two days I was able to immerse myself back into writing culture. As you might have guessed, my attention over the last few yearsContinue reading “Great Lakes Writers’ Festival”

Live music!

Live music! We got to see live music! Jake La Botz performed at our new favorite venue, The Listening Room at the Happy Productions Studios in Braham, Minnesota. Music is meant to be an intimate experience. You can fill all the arenas and stadiums with any talent you want, but nothing beats a venue whereContinue reading “Live music!”

Happy Birthday, Miracle

All the times she’s said yes. Yes, I’ll go to Vermont to look at tiny homes. Yes, I’ll visit you in Switzerland. And Colorado for the Pikes Peak Marathon. Yes, I’ll marry you. Yes, let’s plan on this crazy year-long trip. Yeah, let’s do a podcast about it.

Send-off Party Announcement

Hey, friends. We leave town in just over a week. Before we go, we wanted a chance to say goodbye to friends and family. Whether you’re an old friend or someone we’ve only met through the various Facebook VW groups, we hope you’ll come out to Caesar Creek Vineyards on August 20. The Phatty WagonContinue reading “Send-off Party Announcement”