Live music!

One extra cool thing: We got to see sound check.

Live music! We got to see live music! Jake La Botz performed at our new favorite venue, The Listening Room at the Happy Productions Studios in Braham, Minnesota. Music is meant to be an intimate experience. You can fill all the arenas and stadiums with any talent you want, but nothing beats a venue where you connect with the artist on a personal level. That is what Jake served up to the crowd at The Listening Room. 

Jake has a fascinating career—actor, singer, songwriter who has more than earned his dues by playing in subways and shadowing old blues guys in Chicago. His songs click together like tumblers in a combination lock and he performs with an affect that does a highwire walk between intense and complete nonchalance. Seeing this concert feels like stepping back in time a little—a bar with high-end cocktails all made from scratch (order a whiskey sour here and you’ll be spoiled for life), tables with tea lights, and a stage that puts the performer right there in front of you. 

The owners of Happy Productions, Shawn and Emma, are amazing hosts to both the talent as well as the ticket buyers. From the moment you walk through the door, you’re no longer in the village of Braham. You’re not even in 2021. You’re in the Listening Room and Jake La Botz is playing. 

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