Go vote

Tomorrow is Election Day; go vote if you haven’t already. Three folks I admire are running for various seats in the Dayton area. And even though we aren’t present, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t interested in the races (and, yes, we still have to pay taxes). Two people I know are running for school boards: John Wilson in Oakwood and Ken Hayes in Dayton. Most immediately for Miracle and I is the Bellbrook City Council race where our former landlord, Forrest Greenwood, is running for a third term. All three of these people would be excellent choices for their respective offices. 

We interviewed John Wilson for Season Two of our podcast. Not only is he a great interview, but he is smart and dynamic. When he talks about schools, about students and teachers and what education should be, his passion shines. He’s a long-time teacher and knows schools inside out and backward. 

Ken Hayes is an old grad school friend of mine. In the twelve years I have known Ken, he has always been empathetic. Add in the critical thinking and reasoning skills of a PhD scholar, a decade plus of experience in the classroom, and the responsibilities and vested interests of fatherhood—and it makes his case for him. So, if you’re in Dayton and you want a level-headed, practical thinker, who cares about children and education, do yourself a favor and write in Ken Hayes on Tuesday. 

And then there’s Forrest. I’ve only known Forrest for a short while, but I feel extremely fortunate to call him my friend. Bellbrook is filled with good people, but I’m not sure if you’ll find anyone more honest, forthright, and friendly than Forrest Greenwood. He’s a long-time resident who takes care of what he has. When I lived next to him, he was always working—wrenching on an engine, mowing a lawn, taking care of one of his properties. Forrest is running for Bellbrook City Council because he loves Bellbrook and he cares about its people. He knows the city and has been a part of its development over the past eight years he’s been on council. 

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