The wider vanlife community

We love meeting other bus owners. It’s one of our favorite things. You pull into a campground or a parking lot and you see another VW and there’s an instant kinship. A connection. Finding another bus owner is like discovering a distant cousin or something. But that family can be even greater if you admire all forms of vanlifers out there. 

We were staying in Long Point—the last stop before crossing back into America. The night was especially windy and the campground was located on a thin peninsula where escaping from the elements would have been impossible. Miracle and I hunkered down in Adie while she swayed in the breeze and the canvas rumpled and whooshed. Then, cutting through the darkness, we heard a rumble. Low and guttural, this grumbling grew louder until we realized it was some sort of vehicle. I looked out the window and only saw the cabin light of this truck go past. And the cabin light was wayyy up in the air. 

“This thing must be fifteen feet tall,” I said. 

“What is it?” Miracle asked. 

I didn’t know, but guessed it was some sort of military-grade hardware. 

The next morning in the full light of day, my guess proved to be correct. The vehicle was a Mercedes ambulance. We then had the good fortune of meeting the owners, Anton and Polina, two travelers from Russia who have traveled the world in various decked-out vehicles. They gave us a full tour and we swapped stories. You can see some of their adventuring their YouTube channel, OverPlanet. Again, we have been incredibly grateful for the ever-growing community of people who call their vehicle their home and share their time with us. 

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