Playlist: Minnesota

Just like Michigan, we will be passing through Minnesota twice on our journey. This first leg is a special detour to visit our friends at Happy Productions in Braham. The second time we pass through will be in a little less than one year from now. Here’s a couple songs to commemorate our time in the Gopher State. More to come in 2022.

Lake of Fire: The song name drops the northern town of Duluth (a town, I might add that holds a special place for Dylan). Written by the Meat Puppets, the song was popularized by Nirvana—namely the acoustic perform by Kurt Cobain for MTV’s Unplugged. That’s the version we’re going with here.

Walls of Red Wing: Well, this is depressing—an early Dylan tune that never appeared on an official album, he describes life in a child’s prison. Like so many of Dylan’s other social justice songs, we can see how little progress has been made in fifty or sixty years. Do yourselves a favor and do just a cursory search into the juvenile justice system.

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