Playlist: Virginia

Okay, so the last few playlists have been very male, very white and leaning toward country. I’m afraid this post won’t correct that trend. I promise more variety as we work our way out of country country and continue southward.

Wagon Wheel by OCMS: Yes, it mentions several cities, but the rules of the roadtrip playlist being what they are, I can only slot it into one state. (Besides, Tennessee has plenty of entries.) How could I not include this one with its mention of my beloved Roanoke (and the subsequent near rhyme of talk/toke)? Everyone knows the words by now and it should always be played loud enough to sing along like the modern-day hymn it is. 

Sweet Virginia: The Stones. Early in our relationship Miracle said that everyone has to choose: the Stones or Beatles. She’s a Stones girl through and through and I chose her. 

Goodbye Jimmie Reed: “Didn’t you hear me calling from down in Virginia?” Dylan growls at the end of this sideways tribute song. I guess that line has special meaning to me. First time I went to Virginia with my buddy, Dustin, we stayed at his cabin—a bombed out backwoods structure built by his grandfather. We only had a landline in the house and no cell service. But then, after days of perseverating, I made a call on the landline. I called Miracle and told her that I loved her and that I had been in love with her for some time. So yeah, you heard me calling. 

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