One Last Detour: Revisiting the Happy Trucker Show

Way back in the summer of 2021, one month before embarking on the trip of a lifetime in our 1979 VW Bus, we called into the flagship show of Happy Productions—a Wednesday night program called The Happy Trucker Show hosted by Shawn Sullivan. We had no idea really what lay ahead of us—no idea ourContinue reading “One Last Detour: Revisiting the Happy Trucker Show”

Podcast: Shawn & Emma

Before setting off on our 49 state bus tour in our VW, Adie, we made a post on a Facebook forum asking for interview recommendations. This guy, Shawn Sullivan, messages us to ask if we wanted to be on his radio program called The Happy Trucker Show. We were on the program and instantly likedContinue reading “Podcast: Shawn & Emma”

Playlist: Louisiana

We are merely scraping the edge of the Pelican State to catch an interview or two and eat until our hearts’ content and our stomachs’ uncomfortably-full content. While we languish, here are some tunes that feel like the bayou and mention some locales from the only state with parishes instead of counties. Also, worth noting:Continue reading “Playlist: Louisiana”

Keep on keepin’ on

After the breakdown in Florida, we really thought this bus venture of ours would be over. Finances are tight on the road and podcasting is not exactly a gold mine. As I ran the diagnostics on Adie at that gas station just outside of Sopchoppy, Florida, I had the sinking feeling that we had reachedContinue reading “Keep on keepin’ on”

Just hanging out at the studio

Gotta say, as terrible as engine troubles can be, we have some great luck with breakdowns. We traveled back to the ice lands of the north, where we could be miserable. Where we could be slowly going broke renting a hotel room or paying out the nose for cleaning fees on AirBnB. Instead, we hadContinue reading “Just hanging out at the studio”

Made it to Minnesota (again)

Neil is a beast. A road warrior. Cannonball Run has got nothing on him. We made it to Minnesota just as the sun went down and the temperature with it. We pushed the bus off the trailer in subzero temperatures. As I pushed the bus up the driveway, I slipped on the ice and NeilContinue reading “Made it to Minnesota (again)”

Happy Productions

We had a great week hanging out with our friends from Happy Productions. We hung out at the studio; I got to be on the radio, and we saw live music. Shawn and Emma, the team behind Happy Productions are doing some really cool things. They partner with local businesses, host a music festival, andContinue reading “Happy Productions”

Stay tuned…

I’m working furiously (well, maybe I’m working at an on-again-off-again pace) on Season Three of the podcast, which I have slated to drop in mid-November. After traversing 17ish states in the past ten weeks and talking with scores of people (bus owners and admirers and just plain friendly folk), I have to say that IContinue reading “Stay tuned…”

Are you listening?

Did you know we are live on the radio every Tuesday? As part of our partnership with Happy Productions, we call in every Tuesday at 11 a.m. Central Time (so noon for most of our friends and family in Eastern Time). Shawn and Emma, the hosts of Afternoon Delight, ask about our previous weeks’ misadventuresContinue reading “Are you listening?”