Playlist: Washington

Even as the blog winds down and I’m posting less frequently, I remain committed to creating our own playlist for this venture (and shoehorning in a Dylan song, even if it means pretending not to know the difference between Washington state and the District of Columbia). So here’s three somewhat-carefully selected tunes to listen onContinue reading “Playlist: Washington”

Playlist: Texas

Man, oh, man. We are in the west now, folks. It’s good to breathe the dusty air of the Lone Star State and drive the open roads (even though there’s more pickup trucks than people down here). Let me give you a healthy helping of songs to keep you sustained on the long lonely roadsContinue reading “Playlist: Texas”

Playlist: Louisiana

We are merely scraping the edge of the Pelican State to catch an interview or two and eat until our hearts’ content and our stomachs’ uncomfortably-full content. While we languish, here are some tunes that feel like the bayou and mention some locales from the only state with parishes instead of counties. Also, worth noting:Continue reading “Playlist: Louisiana”

Playlist: Alabama

We only spent a single night in ‘Bamaland, but we hope to return in a couple weeks. Here’s a few tunes meant to keep our minds on the roads ahead. Fun facts: Alabama is home to a couple records including the world’s largest office chair and the world’s largest cast iron statue. Also, they buildContinue reading “Playlist: Alabama”

Playlist: Florida

We are heading to the southernmost parts of the US, folks. In fact, if all goes according to plan, we will spend more days in Florida than any other state on this journey, so we’re going to need some tunes. Here’s a list with a double dose of Dylan for good measure.