Playlist: Alaska

There’s a lot (like a ton) of driving. Without any cell signal to speak of, have your jams downloaded. Fortunately, we have 38 (now 39) state’s worth of songs already cataloged. And try as I might, I could not find a mention of Alaska or any of its fair towns in Dylan’s songbook.

Alaska: This is sometimes called “half a Phish” song because Trey released it with Mike. Who are they? Beats me. I’m not much of a Phish fan, but my buddy, Dustin, is and he sent me this little ditty. Here’s to you, Dustin.

North to Alaska: Several folks have recommended this one to me—my former neighbor as well as my former coworker, Raj. Both gentlemen with great taste in music. Kick back and let the Alcan rumble under those tires.

Off the Dutch Harbor: We were sitting with Captain Pete (you’ll hear his interview in Season 8) and his roommate (also named Captain Pete) eating the best fried fish of our entire lives, when they introduced us to the local legend that was Hobo Jim. At one point in time Jim was the balladeer of Alaska. Give his whole catalog a listen. You’ll love it.

When It’s Springtime in Alaska: Another Johnny Horton tune because why the hell not? The guy is like Alaska’s Marty Robbins.

4 thoughts on “Playlist: Alaska

  1. No Alaskan road trippin’ song list is complete without Garry Lee and the Showdown’s “Rodeo Song”, otherwise known by the maniacal whackjobs north of the Yukon border as, “The Forty Below Song”. This is my go-to song in the middle of winter when it’s dark, cold, and, well, wishing I was drunk on a beach somewhere in Mexico but can’t find someone to housesit the cabin without freezing the pipes, and hence, I’m stuck in Alaska at forty below. Truly pathetic. Cheers.


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