Frank Lloyd Wright

This is Miracle and I’s fourth Frank Lloyd Wright house—the Rosenbaum House. It is the only FLW house in Alabama and perhaps the best example of his Usonian design (made for middle class folks, which is absolutely hysterical by today’s standards). With any luck, we will see a few more of his houses on thisContinue reading “Frank Lloyd Wright”

Alabama in review

Technically we have already stayed in Alabama on this journey. Technically we could have skipped it on our trek southward. But something didn’t seem right about doing that. Our last pass-through the state was with Neil, our trailer on the flatbed behind us, heading for an engine rebuild in Minnesota. We took the interstate andContinue reading “Alabama in review”

Playlist: Alabama

We only spent a single night in ‘Bamaland, but we hope to return in a couple weeks. Here’s a few tunes meant to keep our minds on the roads ahead. Fun facts: Alabama is home to a couple records including the world’s largest office chair and the world’s largest cast iron statue. Also, they buildContinue reading “Playlist: Alabama”