Playlist: Tennessee (again)

Originally we had planned to go in and out of Tennessee more times than any other state. (It’s wicked wide, that state.) But, the best laid plans and all that jazz. Turns out, it will be only this second pass before we head south. So here’s a song dump of some of the best thatContinue reading “Playlist: Tennessee (again)”

Playlist: Alabama

We only spent a single night in ‘Bamaland, but we hope to return in a couple weeks. Here’s a few tunes meant to keep our minds on the roads ahead. Fun facts: Alabama is home to a couple records including the world’s largest office chair and the world’s largest cast iron statue. Also, they buildContinue reading “Playlist: Alabama”

Playlist: Wisconsin

We will be in Wisconsin for a few days tending to a writers’ conference and taking in the sites. Here are a few tunes to get us in the mood for the land of great cheese and serene woods. You can always check out the playlist in its ever-evolving state on Spotify.