On the Road Again

It feels like a lifetime now since we have been on the road doing the thing we love to do. To recap: we broke down in Florida, stayed with Blacky (the patron saint of broke down bus folks), trailered to Minnesota where the engine was rebuilt. I played DJ at Happy Productions and have begunContinue reading “On the Road Again”

Playlist: Georgia

Maybe I am trying to make up for the dearth of South Carolina songs here, but I’m serving up a healthy helping of sweet songs of the south, from the Peachiest state around. Of course, I cap it all off with a lesser-known (and not highly regarded Dylan tune).

Playlist: Wisconsin

We will be in Wisconsin for a few days tending to a writers’ conference and taking in the sites. Here are a few tunes to get us in the mood for the land of great cheese and serene woods. You can always check out the playlist in its ever-evolving state on Spotify.