Playlist: Indiana

We will be passing through Indiana twice in the next leg of the trip. This first part takes us through Mayor Pete’s hometown and the second jaunt through the big city of Indianapolis itself for a VW interview. So, for the first leg, let’s get some tunes going. I’ll be posting pics and stories ofContinue reading “Playlist: Indiana”

Back to Minnesota

We left early this morning to go get Adie from Dune Buggy Supply. All systems appear to be go thanks to Sam and his crew. Not only did he get a rebuilt engine installed in record time, he also worked on our sliding door, replaced a wheel bearing, and—this one is impressive—got our heat working.

Playlist: Wisconsin

We will be in Wisconsin for a few days tending to a writers’ conference and taking in the sites. Here are a few tunes to get us in the mood for the land of great cheese and serene woods. You can always check out the playlist in its ever-evolving state on Spotify.

Playlist: Michigan

Michigan holds a special place in our hearts. Neither of us are football fans, so there’s none of this manufactured animosity with us. We will be passing through Michigan twice on this trip. In fact, the second time through will be the last state we hit before heading home. I’ve saved a special track forContinue reading “Playlist: Michigan”