Playlist: Illinois

A whirlwind couple days in the Windy City means we have a new playlist of jams specially made for Lincoln’s home state, including one ripper from Bob Dylan.

Someday We’ll Know: I will die on the hill that The New Radicals was one of the best bands of the early 2000s. Their sole album, Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too, is a work of pop genius. They had the breakout hit, “You Get What You Give,” but by the time they released “Someday We’ll Know” as the follow-up, the band had already called it quits. Gregg Alexander, the frontman and the band’s songwriter and producer, had apparently gotten fed up with the music business. Since then, he’s won a laundry list of awards and reunited with his band for President Biden’s inauguration. 

Champaign, Illinois: The Old 97s position one of Illinois’ most forgettable cities as the opposite of heaven. Now I have driven through Champaign on my way to retrieve my bus. Was it hellacious? Nope. Did I spend time there? Not really. Maybe it’s more like purgatory…

Cold Irons Bound: The winds out of Chicago—they will tear you to shreds. Man, truer words have never been spoken. The brooding, spooky sounds of Dylan’s ultimate comeback album, Time Out of Mind, resonate so deeply in this rough-hewn song that, by the way, sounds extra great when performed live. 

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