Podcast: Nate

We were returning to Ohio from our shakedown trip to Michigan this past July so we used VanAlert to find a place to stay and we found Nate’s driveway. It turns out Nate’s driveway was a bit more posh than we expected. He asked us to drive around back where he had an honest toContinue reading “Podcast: Nate”

Playlist: Michigan

Michigan holds a special place in our hearts. Neither of us are football fans, so there’s none of this manufactured animosity with us. We will be passing through Michigan twice on this trip. In fact, the second time through will be the last state we hit before heading home. I’ve saved a special track forContinue reading “Playlist: Michigan”

Indiana / Michigan Round Up

Our final shakedown trip took us to what some call America’s third coast—the Great Lakes. Specifically, we drove the coast of Lake Michigan, trolling the beaches, talking with locals, camping, and, of course, sampling the wines. Here are some of the highlights: