Playlist: Michigan

Michigan holds a special place in our hearts. Neither of us are football fans, so there’s none of this manufactured animosity with us. We will be passing through Michigan twice on this trip. In fact, the second time through will be the last state we hit before heading home. I’ve saved a special track for that occasion. But, for now, here are two tracks by two Bobs.

Mary Lou: One night Miracle and I are sharing a bottle of wine and flipping through the LPs when I came across my copy of Night Moves (a song purportedly, though not pointedly about Michigan therefore not making it eligible for this list). But the lesser-known rocker of a track, Mary Lou, explicitly mentions Kalamazoo. Whoever the woman in this song was, man, she did a number on Seger—enough so that both Miracle and I believe that Sun Spot is also about her. 

Early Roman Kings: Bob says he was on Black mountain the day Detroit fell. Some cursory online searching shows that most folks believe this is a reference to the Siege of Detroit, when the Americans surrendered to the Brits during the War of 1812. This view of history, coupled with Dylan’s reference in another song on the Tempest album that the British burned the White House down, shows how he often in an album takes a look at a shard of history and pulls meaning from it. (Another example is how many presidents he names and mythologizes on Rough and Rowdy Ways.)

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