Playlist: Canada

O Canada! What a country! The sights make my heart sing. Fortunately, my heart songs aren’t available on Spotify. So instead here’s a few tunes that mention our northern neighbor. It’s a bit of a Last Waltz reunion here…

A Case of You: Joni Mitchell has a voice all of her own and this song can be no one else’s other than hers. I don’t know how I never heard this song until Miracle sent it to me a couple of years ago, but now it seems like I hear it everywhere. Only Joni could croon a line that has the actual words, “Oh, Canada,” in it and not have it sound like total kitsch. 

Helpless: Neil Young—how could he not be on a list of songs that mention Canada? He tells us there is a place in North Ontario and—at least for this trip—we’ll just have to believe him ‘cause it is cold up there and winter is coming. And not to worry, my Neil Young fans—we will hear from him again in warmer climes. Enjoy this version from his Unplugged performance.

Canadee-I-O: Bob Dylan does it again with this cover of a folk standard from way back off his Grammy-winning album, Good as I Been to You. Although this period in Bob’s career is one of my least favorite, it gets the job done. Stay tuned this coming summer for another Canadian Bob tune from the western provinces…

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