Playlist: Indiana

We will be passing through Indiana twice in the next leg of the trip. This first part takes us through Mayor Pete’s hometown and the second jaunt through the big city of Indianapolis itself for a VW interview. So, for the first leg, let’s get some tunes going. I’ll be posting pics and stories of Indiana on the way back through in mid-November.

Indiana Wants Me: Low-hanging fruit, I know. This 197X song about a run-in with the law is the high point of R. Dean Taylor’s musical career. It’s cheesy, kitschy (with a police on the loudspeaker at the end), and 100% a guilty pleasure. 

Mary Jane’s Last Dance: Tom Petty, man. Those Indiana boys on those Indiana nights. Oh hell yeah. Rest in peace, to a true legend. Petty could put together a jam. Out of all the songs on this list, this is easily the most danceable. 

Wabash Cannonball: Roy Acuff’s signature tune sounds like it should be more westerly or more Appalacian—anywhere, really, other than the flats of Indiana. But there Wabash sits halfway between the capital city and Fort Wayne where the whistle can shrill on more miles and miles. 

I Contain Multitudes: If you’ve ever driven across Indiana, you know there’s just not a ton that makes your heart sing. Same goes for Dylan, who occludes the Hoosier state from his lyrics. I’ll cheat on this one and say, that yes, he does utter the word, “Indiana” in this fairly recent song. Granted, the line is a comparison to Indiana Jones and Anne Frank, but it will have to do. 

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