wiLl Y0u cArRy A guN? 

Leading up to this trip, I had so many people ask me this question or, even more presumptively, “what sort of gun are you taking?” The question itself presumes a lot, doesn’t it? It presumes a certain type of disposition about America, about its people, about its ability to resolve conflict within the bounds ofContinue reading “wiLl Y0u cArRy A guN? “


Two months ago, Miracle was lamenting the idea of a winter without snow. I had planned a route that would keep us well outside of extreme temperatures since the bus is, at once, terrible in the heat and terrible in the cold. We would go north in the summer, south in the winter. Simple enough.Continue reading “Snow!”

Interstate thoughts

We made it back to our hometown of Dayton, Ohio. We left the coldness of southern Wisconsin early on Tuesday morning and drove straight through to Ohio in ten hours. And by straight through, I mean that we barreled south to avoid the rain and snow around Chicago. (Remember—no wipers.) Then we jumped on interstateContinue reading “Interstate thoughts”

Leather Straps

Here’s an easy peasy one to make your life a little easier. When I installed my new seat belts, I had an issue with them falling on the floor. I didn’t want to install stiff belt holders for a few reasons (number one being that the passenger seat is on a rotator). But the bucklesContinue reading “Leather Straps”

Serpent Mound

Funny how things seem so much bigger when you’re a child. I must have been about eight years old last time I saw Serpent Mound—Ohio’s largest earthwork and one of the country’s most well-preserved earthworks. I remember it as this massive, meandering mystery of a thing with all sorts of astronomical meaning. I remember thereContinue reading “Serpent Mound”