Leather Straps

Here’s an easy peasy one to make your life a little easier. When I installed my new seat belts, I had an issue with them falling on the floor. I didn’t want to install stiff belt holders for a few reasons (number one being that the passenger seat is on a rotator). But the buckles kept falling on my pecan hardwood floor, which could mark it up and cause a tripping hazard. 

Luckily, the nearby town of Xenia is home to a grade-A leather shop. I mean, this place is the best. The guys who work there are friendly, knowledgeable and stand by their work. Xenia Shoe and Leather is locally renowned for a reason; they are simply fabulous. So, at any rate, I stop in and ask if they can hook me up with some straps. While I was at it, I asked if they could make a cinch strap for the space just inside my back door. I had a decent size screw hole and figured I could mount a strap to hold a cargo bag. 

The guys at Xenia Shoe and Leather whipped up these three straps in the time it took to get a cup of coffee (at Coffee Hub—more on their amazing story in a post next week…). No more clatter belts and one more place to store my cargo while my car goes. 

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