Seat spinner

One key feature I wanted to have in the bus was a rotating passenger seat. When using the bus as a living space, seating is at a premium. Sure the bench in the back can cozily seat two, but what if you wanted to look at the other person’s face? Turn that seat around. Plus, it makes the inside feel bigger. 

So I ordered a seat spinner from Bus Depot. While I was impressed with the quality of the spinner itself, the installation hardware was just not up to snuff. Sure, VWs of the aircooled era aren’t well known for their safety features; however, the bolts they sent along started to shear off after just a week of normal driving around and usage. 

I took it to T-bone, the welder who took care of my seat frames. He welded that spinner in there and now it is a part of the van. 

A significant note: The original bus seats, plus a spinner will add some height to your ride. If you’re taller than, say, 5’11”, you’ll want to make sure this is a comfortable setup before you start welding.

The glory of spinning the seat around to make the “living room” a little larger.

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