American West Magazine

Some of you know I tried my hand (briefly) at freelance writing once we came off the road. In the turmoil of moving across the US and securing steady employment, I totally forgot to brag about my publication in American West—a very cool magazine I adore run by an editor with a keen eye forContinue reading “American West Magazine”

wiLl Y0u cArRy A guN? 

Leading up to this trip, I had so many people ask me this question or, even more presumptively, “what sort of gun are you taking?” The question itself presumes a lot, doesn’t it? It presumes a certain type of disposition about America, about its people, about its ability to resolve conflict within the bounds ofContinue reading “wiLl Y0u cArRy A guN? “

Help get us farther down the road

When we set out on our great bus adventure we had a budget—a budget that included a column for catastrophic breakdowns. But, now as we are five months into the adventure, and on our third motor, we are feeling the squeeze of the budget. We came very close to calling it quits when we brokeContinue reading “Help get us farther down the road”

Happy Productions

We had a great week hanging out with our friends from Happy Productions. We hung out at the studio; I got to be on the radio, and we saw live music. Shawn and Emma, the team behind Happy Productions are doing some really cool things. They partner with local businesses, host a music festival, andContinue reading “Happy Productions”

Are you listening?

Did you know we are live on the radio every Tuesday? As part of our partnership with Happy Productions, we call in every Tuesday at 11 a.m. Central Time (so noon for most of our friends and family in Eastern Time). Shawn and Emma, the hosts of Afternoon Delight, ask about our previous weeks’ misadventuresContinue reading “Are you listening?”

We were on the radio!

A couple weeks ago I posted in a VW Facebook group about our podcast, “So You Owned a VW Bus.” I asked folks if they had stories and if they would be open to sharing them. We instantly got lots of responses. But more than stories, we received messages of support, offers to stay inContinue reading “We were on the radio!”