Lots of good news

We have big news and big news!

News #1: Our proposal to the Michalski Foundation in Switzerland was accepted for funding. The generosity of the Michalski Foundation allowed me to write my third novel in the winter of 2019 while I stayed at their campus in the Jura Mountains. I formed friendships that have shaped what I’m doing now. When Miracle and I set out on our podcast venture, we asked the Michalski Foundation for support—namely to help fund our healthcare while we traveled. Once again, the good people of the Jan Michalski Foundation in Switzerland decided to help us out. One hundred percent of our healthcare costs are being covered through the generosity of the Michalski Foundation. 

News #2: If you’ve been following along, you know that On the Road with Adie has developed a relationship with Happy Productions over the past few months. We’ve been guests on The Happy Trucker Show as well as Afternoon Delight. (They also have a coffee roastery and I blogged about that too at one point.) At any rate, Shawn and Emma—the husband and wife team behind Happy Productions—have decided to start syndicating our podcast on their digital radio station. Episodes will start airing every Wednesday beginning September 29. We will do a live call-in to Afternoon Delight every Tuesday to talk about our latest misadventures and talk a little bit about the upcoming episode. 

When we struck out on this crazy road trip with zero sources of income and funding, we had to trust that other people would begin to see the value of what we are doing. After just three weeks on the road we are astounded at the support from people like Vera Michalski and the her foundation, the interest shown by Shawn and Emma, and the generosity of the now dozens of people who have invited us to stay in the driveways, cook us breakfast, and make us coffee for no other reason than they thought it would be nice. The world is full of good people.

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