Eastern Massachusetts in review

We had a splendid time in Massachusetts. Originally we were going to stick to the western side of the state because I have huge anxieties about driving Adie anywhere near Boston. But Miracle really wanted to see Salem and all of its witchiness. After creating a circuitous route that would avoid the most stressful parts of Boston driving, we headed to Salem. Through VanAlert we found a couple—David and Diane—quintessential New Englanders who were some of the most welcoming and charming people we’ve had the pleasure to meet. Not only did we park in their driveway, but David ended up supplying us with an interview over home cooked pancakes. 

We saw Salem and took a nighttime walking tour. Most of the Salem walking tours are the sorts of bumps-in-the-night things with spooky happenings. But Miracle and I being the history lovers we are, we opted for the far more disturbing historical tour. If you only have passing familiarity with the witch trials, do yourself a favor and do some more reading. There’s a reason Arthur Miller turned that saga into a fable about McCarthyism. 

We toured the small towns of the coast, ate seafood, and walked the trails next to the ocean. Manchester By the Sea is a picture perfect town and Gloucester is simply beautiful with a sea side walk and fishermans’ wives memorial and botanical garden. 

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