We were on the radio!

Check out the merch from Happy Productions—coffee, decals, t-shirts.

A couple weeks ago I posted in a VW Facebook group about our podcast, “So You Owned a VW Bus.” I asked folks if they had stories and if they would be open to sharing them. We instantly got lots of responses. But more than stories, we received messages of support, offers to stay in folks’ driveways and farms and campgrounds, as well as some other connections. One particular connection came from a guy named Shawn Sullivan, who said he had a radio show out of Minneapolis. 

But Shawn and his wife, Emma, have a whole lot more going on than their radio show (The Happy Trucker Show). They own a production company—Happy Productions which serves up some great music and shows. (Check out one of new favorite shows, Afternoon Delight.) They also manage a live music venue called The Listening Room. And, most importantly for Miracle, they have their own line of coffee

Shawn invited us to phone in to The Happy Trucker Show a couple weeks ago and we had a blast talking about our upcoming adventure. We are hoping to talk with Shawn more over the next year. 

Listen to The Happy Trucker Show on Wednesdays from 6-10 p.m.

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