Don’t let this happen to you.

Do you have the normal healthy human fear of fire? Do you think it would be tragic to lose your most prized possession in a conflagration? Would emulation be a terrible way for you to die? If so, then I have a product for you! It’s called Blazecut and it is (probably) totally worth it.*

Blazecut is a fire suppression system for your engine compartment. In a vehicle like a T2 that is known to catch fire, this is a one-time investment that could save your ass. What is Blazecut, exactly? Well, it’s a tube filled with a (probably) safe chemical that starves out a fire when it releases. The tube simply melts in the presence of flame and the chemical comes out. It (probably) will not harm your engine and it keeps the whole bus from turning into that scene from Hobo with a Shotgun. 

Side story: When I bought Adie, my mechanic, Norm, told me I had two purchases I had to make before I could drive her anywhere. First, he said, I needed sidewall-reinforced tires. But, secondly, and more importantly, I needed a fire extinguisher. Fire, he said, is your worst enemy. So when I saw Blazecut advertised, I asked him about it. He said many of his other customers have it and think it is worth it. 

Installation was super easy—just a few zip ties that attach to the heat shield and some metal loops. Make sure you mount it so the gauge faces where you can read it. 

All in all, the unit cost $210 and just a few minutes to install. But, I have a major piece of mind and my mechanic, Norm, is thrilled with my investment.

*I say “probably” in this case because I have so far not had mine go off.  

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