Help get us farther down the road

When we set out on our great bus adventure we had a budget—a budget that included a column for catastrophic breakdowns. But, now as we are five months into the adventure, and on our third motor, we are feeling the squeeze of the budget. We came very close to calling it quits when we broke down in Florida. Had it not been for the kindness of a few strangers and our friend, Neil, we would have likely thrown in the towel. In the time we’ve spent sitting at Happy Productions studios, I was able to wrap up the editing and mastering for Season Four of our podcast and release it. The reception has been amazing. 

We’ve received emails of support from friends and strangers. The downloads are far outpacing the previous seasons (which are also seeing more downloads). It’s gratifying to see a project gain some momentum and we now know that we need to press on and produce Season Six and Seven. And Eight. Nine. We love what we are doing; we love sharing VW stories and traveling and writing and taking pictures and meeting people. As two people who worked in libraries, Miracle and I believe that you should be able to access the arts for free. The problem is that each episode of the podcast costs quite a bit to produce. 

If you have the spare change and the inclination, if you have gotten a chuckle from an episode or teared up during another episode, if the winter weather has grounded your bus for the time being and you’re getting your fix by listening to our podcast, consider hitting the donate button on our website. Help us get a little farther down the road and collect the next great story. 

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