Playlist: Vermont

Okay, folks, Vermont is picturesque and friendly and tasty (just try the pie!). Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate into songsters waxing poetic about the Green Mountain State. Sure, I could have cribbed songs from all the online playlists; however, this part of my project relies on me curating a list of what fits for us. That’sContinue reading “Playlist: Vermont”

Playlist: Massachusetts

We made it to Massachusetts! To celebrate we have four songs, including one of my favorite long tracks by Dylan. And, yes, three of the songs are about Boston—not by Boston. If you have any non-Boston songs, drop the suggestions in the comments below. As always, you can check out the every-growing playlist here. 

Playlist: New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island

A three-fer here because we are whirlwinding our way across this portion of the US. Not because we don’t want to see what New England has to offer, but it is hot, my friends, and we want to head north—and fast. So here’s a spread of songs with the main dish being New York tunesContinue reading “Playlist: New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island”