Playlist: Maryland

Here we are in the craziest-shaped state and we’ve discovered that despite our pastoral stays, the cities define the music of the state. 

Baltimore Blues No. 1: Deer Tick has such a unique sound—a lead singer with a voice of salve and sparse guitar work that never hits a wrong note. Top amongst their songs is this melancholy jam. 

Pretty Girl from Annapolis: I mean at least one of the Avett Brothers’ “Pretty Girl” songs had to make it onto one of these lists, right? These guys know how to harmonize, how to deliver lines “I love this moment we’re in” with the same gravitas as “my dreams are lies/that I tried to ignore.” And then, on the Live, Volume 2 album they take a great banjo break. Good fun. 

Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll: Want to be outraged? Want to hear a short historical tale that will demonstrate just how little progress we have gained in the half-century this song has been around? You’re in luck. Listen to the one on Rolling Thunder if you want to hear all the angst that should be properly felt in this tragedy, this complete miscarriage of justice.

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