Podcast: Tracy Tulloch

Every once in a while—not often—but every once in a while, our bus, Adie, needs a little extra care. We stopped at a shop called PiperBus Automotive in Connecticut, owned and managed by Tracy Tulloch. It’s one of those hidden gems we’re glad we found tucked away in New England. The shop has a smallContinue reading “Podcast: Tracy Tulloch”

Piperbus Auto

I wrote about Piperbus briefly in a post earlier this week. Let me just say that I was throughly pleased with Tracy’s attention to my bus. After we did our interview, she said she would give Adie the once-over. She quickly caught a few problems, including a major oil leak. Within a few minutes, sheContinue reading “Piperbus Auto”

Connecticut: We’re cat people

We were really looking forward our romp across Connecticut and Rhode Island. Mostly, I was excited about the people we had met online and were then able to meet in real life. Miracle’s friend, Chuck, welcomed us into their home for dinner, which included clam pizza. If you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it. ThatContinue reading “Connecticut: We’re cat people”

Playlist: New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island

A three-fer here because we are whirlwinding our way across this portion of the US. Not because we don’t want to see what New England has to offer, but it is hot, my friends, and we want to head north—and fast. So here’s a spread of songs with the main dish being New York tunesContinue reading “Playlist: New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island”