Piperbus Auto

I wrote about Piperbus briefly in a post earlier this week. Let me just say that I was throughly pleased with Tracy’s attention to my bus. After we did our interview, she said she would give Adie the once-over. She quickly caught a few problems, including a major oil leak. Within a few minutes, she had readjusted my timing, ordered the needed parts and had me scheduled for the next day she was open. Tracy is able to explain things to a dolt like me in such a way that I can grasp what she is saying. She also gave me honest insight into what I had going on. (“You can drive on it for a while. But you’re going to be pissing oil. These things don’t get better on their own.”) She was never pushy about the repair (I mean, she has enough going on already without this wayward bus gumming up the works.) 

The collection of cars in her shop is a testament to her VW knowledge—the most beautiful Thing I have ever seen, a near-flawless Karmann Ghia, a bug, and, best of all, her bus, Piper, was there. Tracy knows these vehicles cold, yet she doesn’t pretend to know all the answers up front. She wants to investigate; get a good knowledge of the vehicle—what many VW owners call their car’s personality. 

So we took Adie back in on Monday to have that troubled clutch looked at and the oil leak mitigated. And the oil leak was pretty epic. Tracy and her assistant, Ann, replaced the push rod tube seals, which were indeed pissing oil and then resealed the valve covers. All in all, a productive afternoon before we started heading north to Massachusetts.

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