Playlist: Delaware

Are there non-George Thorogood songs about America’s Portugal? You bet. Are there any Bob Dylan songs about Delaware? …As far as I can tell: no. 

Back in the USA: Many have covered, but few have met the jauntiness, the bopping chords provided by Chuck Berry. Sure, it’s a drive-by citation of the first state, but it will do for this list. 

Award Tour: A Tribe Called Quest provides this groove that drops names and places, including Delaware. For more about A Tribe Called Quest, check out the book by Ohio author and master essayist, Hanif Abdurraqib

Kentucky Moon: A subdued Kinks song here. Loose knit and unraveling all the way through—this is the Kinks that should be remembered. Forget that is is named after Kentucky and take in the Delaware reference.

Rump Shaker: Take me back to fourth grade, Spotify! Take me back to Skyborn Skateland where this song would blare over the shitty PA system they used to broadcast the music while I tried to skate so cool that the girl who sat next to me in social studies might notice me. At any rate, the song mentions Delaware.

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