The Lucky Rabbit

“I am mapping us to a surprise,” Miracle said as we cruised southward. It was cold outside and we finally had a break in the rain, although the air was still heavy with moisture. I wasn’t sure if I could handle any more surprises since my last surprise—which happened to be a brake job. ButContinue reading “The Lucky Rabbit”

In search of coffee

We continued south on the Trace, stopping for coffee at a place called Lost Gringos in French Camp. Normally I make coffee in the mornings. It’s a process I have outlined painstakingly in previous blogposts and a source of pride. Heating the water to the right temperature, pouring it and compressing it in the airContinue reading “In search of coffee”

Oxford, MS

When we were in Miami, our driveway host, Ian, told us about a little spot in Mississippi we needed to visit: Oxford. He was right. This little slice of the south is the stuff right out of a southern gothic novel—and for good reason. This is the home of William Faulkner.