Playlist: Missouri

Back on the road and adding to our ever expanding playlist of songs that mention states and the places within states. As we head toward the Gateway to the West, we have a few more songs to add:

Getting Ready to Get Down: “And they sent you off to a little Bible college in Missouri.” I’m a huge Josh Ritter fan and this little ditty from his killer album, Sermon on the Rocks, cranks. Full of biblical allusions and Tom Petty references, Ritter veers from irreverent to poppy to soul-inspiring. (By the way, I saw him in concert once and he was fabulous. I was deadass drunk because I was hanging out with Dustin who decided we should hit seven bars before the concert including the one owned by the Walhbergs—Wahlburgers [really, there’s no other joint they could own, right? “Hey Donnie, I think we should open up a taco shop: Donnie Taco.”]. We showed up after the opener and by the time Ritter got to Old Black Magic, I was able to get down.) 

(Get your Kicks on) Route 66: Classic road song by Nat King Cole. We had our options of where to slide this one in, but the Show Me State one by mentioning Joplin, Missouri. 

Tryin’ to Get to Heaven before they Close the Door: I hope the day never comes when my favorite writer passes, but time tells me it will happen. And I know just about every op-ed comic and headline will reference “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” (which is a helluva song in its own rite). But for my money, this is the right eulogy song—a wayward soul who is trying to slip into eternity just in the knick of time. The qualifying line:  “When I was in Missouri, they would not let me be.” The album version is nearly perfect, but for my money, I’ll take the 2000 live performance with its sublime imperfections.

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