Playlist: Washington

Even as the blog winds down and I’m posting less frequently, I remain committed to creating our own playlist for this venture (and shoehorning in a Dylan song, even if it means pretending not to know the difference between Washington state and the District of Columbia). So here’s three somewhat-carefully selected tunes to listen on the way through The Evergreen State:

Black Ball Ferry Line: I have a soft song for crooner tunes, especially when they’re crooned by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters. And since we are soon to depart the US on the famed Black Ball Ferry, I figured I would include this little ditty. 

Rock’n Me: It may not be a great song and the Steve Miller Band may never be considered one of the best, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t an earworm to end all earworms. You could listen to this all the way to Tacoma.  

Thunder on the Mountain: Like many other Dylan tracks, this one drops one place name after another, starting with Hell’s Kitchen and the Moon and working all the way to Washington. He never specifies if it’s DC or state, so I’m gonna make a judgement call on this one and say it is the state. Plus, this is the best opener of any Dylan album since Blood on the Tracks.

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