About the blog…

Alright, friends. You may have noticed I am posting a little less these days. The journey so far has been amazing and I have enjoyed sharing what I am seeing, feeling, thinking about along the way. But, as we start what I am sure will be (for better or worse) our most epic leg of the trip across the Canadian wilderness and into Alaska, I have less motivation to work up blog content. 

I’m grateful to those of you (like my family and our commenting MVP, Doug) who have read and followed along faithfully and I am grateful to people who stop by occasionally. The trip into the north will take most of our time and energy. Besides, there is no internet for most of the time and I just want to enjoy it. Once we get back south into Idaho (around mid-August), we will take in the Big Sky country, Yellowstone and the Dakotas before barnstorming the Great Plains and heading into the final stretch of our trip, which takes us back north—through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and across the UP before plummeting south to get home. 

That’s the plan anyway. This trip has taught us how uncertain plans can be. 

2 thoughts on “About the blog…

    1. Nothing is certain on the road, my friend. As a wee lad, I remember Yellowstone burning weeks before I arrived and lo, we were let in to a portion of the park. The flooding it currently has will recede possibly by the time we expect to arrive in six weeks. Or it could be on fire. Or it could erupt. That would be a once in a lifetime event.


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