Podcast: Peter & Andrea

We caught up with Andrea Bowker and Peter Kraiker—a couple of soft-spoken hardcore adventurers in their Old North Toronto backyard. They own a magnificent 1982 matador orange diesel Vanagon Westfalia named Babe. Babe has been Peter’s mobile office and a makeshift ambulance. 

Toronto in review

We only had a minute in Toronto—at least that’s how it felt. (Fun fact: Toronto is the seventh-largest city in North America with a slightly smaller population than Houston. So not everything is bigger in Texas.) We had a nice, relaxing evening sitting on the deck of Peter and Andrea’s home in downtown Toronto andContinue reading “Toronto in review”

Melville White Church Art Gallery

One thing we have missed on the road has been access to art galleries. Traveling with Jolene has endless benefits… and a few drawbacks. And one of the drawbacks is a fine arts museum’s reluctance to release dogs around their one of a kind artworks. We had sort of resigned ourselves to the idea thatContinue reading “Melville White Church Art Gallery”