Tok: Tim, Maria, and Randy

I noticed the engine acting a little funny when we pulled into Anchorage a couple weeks ago; it would diesel when I shut it off and when I turned it on, it took a few cranks to turn over. Our ever-trusty hometown VW guru, Norm, said it might be points. Fortunately, before heading north onContinue reading “Tok: Tim, Maria, and Randy”

Illness on the road

Vanlife is not what AAA would have you believe. Sure the ads they post on Facebook with the shirtless guy and the woman who is always inexplicably holding on to her big, floppy hat make it look like something from a glamor shoot. They drink coffee from mugs and he has a little teak trayContinue reading “Illness on the road”

A lucky engine failure

If you’re going to break down, be strategic. And by strategic, I mean lucky. As an Irishman, I swear my luck never runs out (knocks on wood). After we left our friends at Happy Productions Studios in Minnesota, we realized we had nice little gap in our schedule to swing through Stephens Point, home ofContinue reading “A lucky engine failure”