The winter car

We had outfitted the Beetle—Miracle’s ’74 Sunbug—for the Maine winter. Heater boxes and a new blower (and then a new new blower after the plastic one melted). I shored up the floors with sheet metal screws and plugged any gaps with foam. I even lined the boot with reflectix to keep the draft from leakingContinue reading “The winter car”

Podcast: David Dotson

You might be surprised to find out that before David Dotson was Dolly Parton’s right hand man for her nonprofit, he was a VW bus owner. We had the good fortune of interviewing David at the Dollywood Foundation Headquarters in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (in what would be the last interview ever conducted in that building).Continue reading “Podcast: David Dotson”

Podcast: Ian

After staying several days at McIntyre’s Home for Wayward Buses and Wandering Souls in Miami, Florida, we finally convinced Ian McIntyre—VW bus enthusiast, artist, friend to all, dog whisperer extraordinaire, and all around renaissance man—to sit down with us for an interview. Tune in to hear why Ian created this home-away-from-home in paradise for fellowContinue reading “Podcast: Ian”

Podcast: David

We had been staying in David’s driveway as we ventured toward Salem, Massachusetts. Even though he insisted he didn’t need to be interviewed, we decided otherwise. Over the breakfast he prepared for us, we had a little conversation with him about his time driving VWs. 

Podcast: Neil

Neil is a close friend of ours. In fact, I actually lived with him after my divorce. Miracle too—a couple of divorced people living with our friend, Neil Webster. Now Neil has owned a whole lotta VWs. And even though we usually don’t talk about other VW makes on this program, it is worth notingContinue reading “Podcast: Neil”