Assateague Island, Delaware

I have to admit that I was initially a little let down by Delaware. Many folks online told us about the beaches and the fun we would have in Rehoboth. And indeed the beach looked fun… except we had our dog, Jolene, who was not welcome on the beach. Or on most any other beach or boardwalk. The day was swelteringly hot and my temper runs short in the heat. Fortunately, there is a magical strip of land / National Park / State Park (state park is not dog-friendly) just south of Rehoboth. It’s a place where wild horses roam free called Assateague Island.

The amazing thing about Assateague is the delicate balance of ecosystems. The thin strip of land borders the Atlantic on one side with crashing waves and fine, white sand beaches. On the other side is a system of marshes and towering trees where the horses seek shade and drink fresh water. Clams and crabs also thrive in some of these inlets.

Of course there are some trails that Jolene could not hike and that is fine. But we were able to take her to the beach and see the horses. (Side note: The ranger does not know where the horses are. Despite how many people will ask her if she knows where the horses are, she does not maintain their agenda, nor does she have an ankle monitor on the equine. You have to look around. This is a park, not the jungle boat ride at Disney.)

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