Neil’s here!

Neil in action. Nevermind that I am taking pictures and not helping at the moment.

Neil arrived! We haven’t seen our dear friend and one-time roommate since we rolled through Ohio after the last engine rebuild. As I mentioned yesterday, he is about to cart us and the bus all over the damned country.  

About Neil: He has been a part of each step of the bus adventure. He went with me to get the bus in Iowa when I purchased it back in 2018. When I bought the first, ill-fated engine down in Texas, we drove to get it together. And now when we were stranded in the panhandle of Florida, Neil again made the trek. In this little jaunt, he departed Dayton in the midst of a snowstorm with his trailer hitched to his truck and then drove a mere 1,100 miles in a single day to pick us up. 

Our gracious and all-too-good-to-be-true host, Blacky, dropped us off at the bus (which had been parked for the week in Nick, another true gentleman local’s, yard. …More about him tomorrow.). We hitched up the bus and tied it down, ready for the mad dash northward, into the colder climes, and toward Sam, the engine whisperer. 

But then we had a flat…

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