The flat tire

Not a matching set, but a working pair nonetheless.

Last we left off, the engine had broken and our friend, Neil, came to fetch us south of Tallahassee. As we pulled away, I looked in the mirror and noticed that our trailer had a flat. Like a flat flat. Like it was squishy and plumed out on the packed sand road. 

Luckily the trailer is a dual axle and we could hobble our way to a garage. And we knew just the garage to go to—Crawfordville Auto Repair and Tires. As I mentioned previously, a local mechanic named Nick looked at Adie when she broke down and then let us store her in his yard while we waited for Neil to drive down. During the week I ran a few errands for our host, Blacky, including one to the store where Nick worked. 

We limped into the store and I saw Nick. He saw the bus on the trailer. Nick is a man of few words and he asked what was going on. We showed him the flat and he said we were in luck, which was news to us. He then walked behind the shop and came back with a full size spare tire. Then he rolled out a second one. And a third. “Another gift from  Blacky,” he said. 

Apparently, Blacky had these wheels taken off his trailer some time ago and told Nick to give them to someone who needed them. “You need them,” Nick said. True enough. We borrowed a jack and swapped out the wheel and we were finally underway. 

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