Podcast: Jason

We connected with Jason Vogen, of OldVolksTV, as well as VolksAmerica and VolksMania magazines, in Austin, Texas right around the time that Volkswagen was premiering the new ID Buzz at SXSW. Jason was there and got the inside scoop. Hear how people reacted to the newest member of the VW bus family and also aboutContinue reading “Podcast: Jason”

Refiberglassed cargo carrier

This was way more complicated than it should have been. My fiberglass was brittle and had been patched (badly). Before I started throwing cargo in the bucket, I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t shatter. I also wanted to add the foam seal available from BusDepot to the edge. First I tried to find anotherContinue reading “Refiberglassed cargo carrier”

Pop top tent for Riviera

I know there’s the eternal debate over the superior camper bus—Westfalia or Riviera (and the answer is Riviera). But when it comes to the tent tops, the distinct advantage of Westies is that they have abundant manufacturers. Finding a decent tent for a Rivi is hard. Sure, there are a couple, but the best reviewedContinue reading “Pop top tent for Riviera”

Headbanger cabinet

I built this badboy myself. Took the measurements and made a template out of cardboard, figured it all out on my own. I did find a company that built exactly what I wanted, but they were located in England and said they would not ship to the US. Meanwhile everything I could find in theContinue reading “Headbanger cabinet”