Headbanger cabinet

I built this badboy myself. Took the measurements and made a template out of cardboard, figured it all out on my own. I did find a company that built exactly what I wanted, but they were located in England and said they would not ship to the US. Meanwhile everything I could find in the US was built like the original headbanger cabinet in the Westys—with the left third cut off to accommodate the closet. I wanted the cabinet to stretch edge-to-edge. 

I bought quarter-inch finished plywood and made support brackets using vinyl stop (which works well with the curves of the bus. If you’re not an expert woodworker (and I am not), you’ll want to be patient. I cut the shape of the cabinet out and fitted it. A thin line of wood needed shaved off one corner, then another, then another. Each time, I had to lay down on my back and lift the awkward sheet into place. But, you know what? After a full day of shaving and fitting and honing, that cabinet popped in and I secured it firmly in place. 

I made a large middle compartment and the supports on each side anchor into the ceiling ribs. The smaller side compartments also give me interior access to the hatch hinges. The left side has electrical connections in it, so we just store tools up there. 

For the main door, I installed a locking boat latch. I don’t want to go over a bump and have the door swing down on someone’s skull. 

Bonus: I made the face of the cabinet with a little lip that obscures the LED strip light. The strip light makes late-night scavenging a bit easier. Plus, it sits right over the electrical system (under the bench seat), which is convenient. 

Look at all that sweet, sweet storage.

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